Zoom Kobe 11 EM Low Peach Jam PE
Zoom Kobe 11 EM Low Peach Jam PE

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Zoom Kobe 11 EM Low Peach Jam PE Men's
On December 16, 2015, Kobe's latest sneaker KOBE 11 was released. With the retirement of Kobe, this Ko-11 will obviously also be given some special meanings, and it has become a collection of fans' dreams.
The overall protection of the Kobe 11 Elite Low is a pair of Kobe sneakers without carbon plates, so many people will think that the protection of this pair of shoes is very poor, or even a state of failing. But the protection of this pair of shoes is actually very good. The overall upper wrap is very good. Because the upper is directly connected to the sole, it can be seen that it is an anti-rollover design. And it also has an anti-rollover design, the overall anti-rollover is still qualified, and it is safer to play with it.
Kobe 11 uses a woven upper, which is blended with TPU thread, so the overall upper wrapping is very good. Although the TUP line was added, it still did not solve the problem that the shoe upper would cross and slack. After a few actual battles, the uppers of these shoes will be very soft. The TPU on the heel is tougher, and the deformation range is relatively small after being pinched.
The Kobe 11 full-length inner boots are very well packaged, and the overall forefoot is a little thinner. Friends with wide feet are recommended to buy more than half the size. The tongue here is made of a large area of ​​leather, and then it is very thick, and the ankle protection after tightening the shoelace is also good. After taking out the insole, kobe shoes for cheap , put the insole in and put it on to play. The safety factor of this pair of shoes is still very high, without the TPU of the midsole, in fact, it does not affect its safety.
Kobe 11 uses very fine textures in terms of grip. The overall grip is very good. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, its grip can be said to be very good. The grip of this sneaker can be placed in the forefront of all Kobe sneakers. The back foot feel is really soft and elastic, and the rhombus design of the forefoot can improve its flexibility and touch the ground, and the overall foot feel is very good.
Zoom Kobe 11 EM Low Peach Jam PE This "Peach Jam" color matching Kobe 11, with yellow peach as the main color, the details are decorated with green, crystal soles and left and right foot style do not print the Nike Youth Classic "EY BL" And the words "PEACH JAM",
Zoom Kobe 11 EM Low Peach Jam PE
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